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  • Helen Gramotnev


“To be seen by another is a thrilling experience.” This is the mantra for the show, hosted by the iconic French C’est Bon restaurant and Ooh La La Rooftop Bar, featuring the creative genius of mischievous techno-troublemakers, Counterpilot, and supported by the edgy musicians of Nonsemble known for their modern compositions to chamber-pop. Seven spaces, seven experiences, and an evening where step by step the guests feel closer together, and start to “be seen” by one another.

The “noir with a touch of red” themed evening began on the roof top bar Ooh La La, where a group of curious and unsuspecting strangers found themselves wondering what happens next. The evening proceeded with the performers seamlessly directing the guests to shift between rooms and enjoy a different experience in each new space. What leisure activity tickles your fancy – juggling, picnics, art, karaoke, or wine tasting? Every taste and preference were catered for, accompanied by delicious hor d’oeuves and drinks.

This salon experience asks insightful questions, taps into our desires, fears and hopes, and allows the guests to explore their togetherness and their individuality. As we walk for a moment outside, a voice warns us: “Don’t get lost amongst the reality of the outside.” And why would you? Only inside you can meet Edith Piaf, indulge in some life drawing, and taste delicious wines while coming up with the weirdest descriptions for their tasting notes.

To conclude the evening that is already out of this world, we return to our mantra: “To be seen by others is a thrilling experience.” Maybe someone drew a portrait of you while you were indulging in the creativity and the taste of this salon. Would you recognise yourself as others see you? Perhaps we learn a bit about ourselves during this evening. In any case, you will leave with a full heart and a smile on your face.

C’est Bon Salon was one of six Raise the Roof events during the 2022 Brisbane Festival programme.


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