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The Crooners swung and spun the night away at the Queensland Theatre on the final night of the Undercover Artist Festival.

If you think you may have seen these two crooners before, you are probably right. Australian audiences saw Tim ‘Mac’ McCallum turn chairs in the 2015 The Voice talent contest. And Tony ‘Dee’ Doevendans graced television sets worldwide as the frontman for the 2016 Paralympics ‘Yes I Can’ commercial.

These two powerhouse crooners joined forces to premiere Swinging and Spinning at a performing arts festival in which artists with disability make and bend all the rules.

And what an extraordinary pair they are on stage together! With their smooth-as-silk voices, excellent comic timing, and well-rounded performance, The Crooners delighted the audience in this intimate soiree of song.

Wheeling chair to chair with back up dancers Sue Gillingham and Dane Berry from River City Ballroom, The Crooners proved they are more than voices—they are exceptional showmen!

The song Bad Habits was a show stealer, which involved entertaining choreography by the dancers and Auslan interpreter, who was playing his part as the bar man, getting into the full swing of things.

Swinging and Spinning was definitely a toe-tapping, hand clapping, body swaying kind of fun, and we look forward to seeing what The Crooners conjure up next.


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