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Cast of Yummy

Opening last night at the Brisbane Festival’s Theatre Republic, Yummy defied the conventions of a traditional drag show and entertained the audience with a folly showcase of hilarious sketches in fabulous costumes and wigs.

The cleverest comedy cabaret sketches to have ever graced the Brisbane Festival, Yummy might be Australia’s drag cabaret version of Saturday Night Live. Everything is over the top, making for a night of over the top fun! The intricate details, however, are not overlooked. The characterisations, particularly in the sandwich and tracksuit choral line up scenes, will have you laughing aloud in the ugliest manner.

Produced and directed by James Welsby (who has performed with Taylor Mac, Glory Box and Briefs), the brilliant ideas that come to life on stage are performed by exceptional artists Karen From Finance, Benjamin Hancock, Valerie Hex (Welsby’s alter ego), Jandruze, Hannie Helsden, Zelia Rose, and Joni in the Moon.

If you are looking for a fun filled night at the Brisbane Festival, Yummy is showing until September 15. And bring your sunglasses because this show has more blinding sequins than a Spotlight store!


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