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Cast of You & I in an acro balance

It’s raining. You’re at home with your loved one. You dance around the room together, have a little bit of ‘me’ time, play games together, and maybe push the boundaries to see what you can get away with before pushing his limits.

This is the subjective synopsis of You & I, a two-man contemporary circus theatre show at the 2019 Brisbane Festival by an award-winning Australian company, Casus.

Engaging from beginning to end, Casus’ co-founders and real-life couple Jesse Scott and Lachlan McAulay perform the most physical show imaginable in silence (except for the sound track). As a circus show, one would expect to hear ‘hep’ or some sort of cue for the acro-balances and partner static trapeze. But no. These performers are so in sync with each other, they are almost one.

The seamless acts, particularly the acro-balances, are more than a display of strength and skill; they are a statement about how healthy relationships should work – even the one who seems to be stronger needs to be supported at times, and if the load isn’t shared between the two people, the relationship would become unbalanced.

Then there are the moments when one will let the other shine while he contentedly sketches away on his notepad. There is no neediness for validation; only trust, love, and support. You & I is the picture of a relationship in perfect harmony.

You & I is on at the 2019 Brisbane Festival’s Theatre Republic until Saturday, 28 September.


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