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Directed by Amber Haines and Kyle Page, Dancenorth brings to Brisbane an explosive new work that is full of colour, joy, and movement. With Hiromi Tango’s enticing artwork as the backdrop for the performance, complimented by the larger-than-life sets and costumes, Wayfinder is a journey through the kaleidoscope of dance, sound, colour, and light. The seven dancers become one on the stage, their physical skills and unity superb! This high-energy production has plenty of “wow” moments, as the dancers defy the laws of physics, bounce, and fly, with acrobatic skills that would make a circus performer jealous.

The audience is not forgotten in this show either! The globes strategically placed throughout the auditorium make you feel like something special is coming. Will it light up? Maybe even sing to you? You have to wait and see what happens. In any case, the audience instinctively knows what to do, getting involved as part of the show from their seats, and turning the whole auditorium into a stage!

This show has the power to make you feel like a child again. As the dancers explore the physical dimensions of space, sound, and texture, instinctively we feel joy at their energy, while the interaction with the audience creates that little special extra connection between the humans on stage and the humans looking on excitedly. We are the sound waves, pushing through space to reach each other. We are the colours of the rainbow making up the spectrum of light. We are the droplets of water which, when combined together, create a unified flow. We are the paints on a canvas filled with joyful colours and textures. Elated and painting life.

Wayfinder is showing at the Brisbane Festival until 24 September 2022 at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Images by David Kelly.


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