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Stevenson Experience

A musical comedy duo with a twist, The Stevenson Experience debuted in Brisbane this week with a fun, original, and lively act.

Walking into the theatre, I tried to recall how many sibling comedy acts I’ve seen. The answer is none. I wondered if it is because siblings have a tendency to bicker and compete, which would not be conducive to the lifestyle of a comedy act. Their careers involve more time on the road than on the stage.

However you imagine siblings would behave behind the scenes on tour is exactly what The Stevenson Experience bring to the stage with banter, songs, and a little bit of rap. The relational idiosyncrasies of Benjamin and James Stevenson is comical, not because they are brothers, but because they are identical twins born 15 minutes apart.

Their cleverly written show ‘Spot the Difference’ includes songs about dad jokes, a prankster mum, and sibling rivalry. Particularly genius is their ability to bring back jokes they’ve already covered throughout the show, and this worked exceptionally well with audience participation.

The Stevenson twins’ show ‘Spot the Difference’ is definitely worth the experience. You can catch it at the 2018 Brisbane Comedy Festival until Sunday, March 4.


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