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  • Helen Gramotnev


“Take the blue pill, the story ends… take the red pill, you’ll stay in wonderland, and I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

If you want to see a circus/magic/cabaret show that is truly out of the box, then The Purple Rabbit is a must this Brisbane Festival!

This performance is a wonderland of card tricks, juggling acts, magic, and stand-up comedy, put together with a libertine attitude of political incorrectness that makes for truly engaging theatre.

From the creators of Blanc de Blanc, Fear and Delight, and LIMBO, The Purple Rabbit is edgy, stimulating and gripping. Ever struggled with a Rubik’s cube? Well, just hold your breath and see how long it takes a magic-pro to put together eight messed up cubes! Fancy a drink? No problem, The Purple Rabbit magicians can pull them out of a shoe! Tired of juggling with balls? Why not see a parasol juggler who can also handle a table with a foot!

“Extract yourself from your devices” and plunge into the real-life world of magic! This show is targeted at the audiences who are not afraid to have fun. It combines superb circus skills with vivid imagination and gets up close and personal with the spectators. Audience participation is compulsory, pain-free, and liberating, and a glass of wine will be a useful addition to loosen up for the show. These are helpfully available at the bar next to the South Bank Piazza, which serves as the perfect setting for the edgy and relatable cabaret magic of The Purple Rabbit. I think you will be taking the red pill…

The Purple Rabbit is on at the Brisbane Festival until 24 September 2022.


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