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The Merry Widow cast

Three fast paced acts, three amazing sets, live orchestra, delicious humour, plot twists and more – this is The Merry Widow staged by Opera Queensland!

If you ever thought that opera is boring, it is time to re-think. This is Oscar Wilde meets slapstick comedy! A juicy operetta, The Merry Widow delights, moves and entertains from start to finish. It is hard to believe that the composer, Franz Lehár, had to fight for the survival of this opera when it was written in 1905.

Every cast member is dedicated to giving a thoroughly enjoyable performance. Natalie Christie Peluso’s charming portrayal as the widow is all the sweeter for her powerful and melodic voice. David Hobson’s interpretation of Danilo is undeniably relatable, finding a place in the heart of every audience member. Jason Barry-Smith is delightful as the quirky Baron; and the lively banter between the characters keeps the pace fast and the audience on the edge of their seats!

The Merry Widow cast

The laughter rumbling through the auditorium throughout the show is a testament to its entertainment value. This opera feels more like a musical, with Vanessa Scammell conducting Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and Graeme Murphy bringing the magic of his choreography to ensure a sumptuous treat for the eyes and the ears. Murphy’s choreography is timely, intelligent and graceful, seamlessly integrating the dancers into the show. Moulin Rouge, Argentine Tango, and folkloric dance re-imagined through ballet – always accessible to a wide audience without ever compromising on quality.

Two intervals give you just enough time to grab a drink and exchange excited notes with your companions. What might seem like a lengthy production of over almost three hours flies by leaving the audience absolutely elated!

Opera Queensland's The Merry Widow is on at QPAC until June 30, 2018.


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