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The Dinner Party by Expressions Dance Company is a masterpiece of character tropes. Directed by Natalie Weir, this is not your usual contemporary dance performance. The Dinner Party goes above and beyond all expectations – it has meaning, it is relatable, and it is truly captivating from the moment the music starts until the cast take their well-earned bows.

The performance begins at the early stages of an exclusive and elite dinner party for six. Hosted by a wealthy young man of high status, his guests’ agendas start to unfold. Manipulation and the desire for status, wealth, and affairs are explored through brilliant choreography and character dancing.

Still shot from The Dinner Party

One of the most outstanding elements of The Dinner Party is its age inclusivity. It’s rare to see anyone over mid-thirties to feature in such a high calibre production. Yet, the hostess character, played by Lizzie Vilmanis, is a highlight of the show. Her maturity fuels her characterisation, emanating into a character from old money, elegance, and power.

The costumes are perfectly married to each of the characters, and the music by Southern Cross Soloists is a work of art on its own.

One could watch The Dinner Party 100 times over and never get bored.

The Dinner Party can be seen at QPAC until May 18 before it tours around the country.


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