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  • Helen Gramotnev


One-man show, Stay

Written and performed by Steen Raskopolous, a young Australian comedian who already has a list of wins and nominations under his belt, Stay is a one-man comedy show. Except it is actually more than that.

This highly ambitious piece combines complicated plot lines, audience participation and characterisation in a unique blend of theatricality. Raskopoulos switches with lightning speed between a shy and lonely child, a dance-loving vampire, an Orthodox priest – the list goes on! By the end of the show, it is hard to count all the characters that have appeared on stage. Oscillating between stand-up comedy and dramatic theatre, Stay is a demonstration of this performer’s versatility on stage.

This unique show reveals itself gradually. Watch out for the links between the skits! Honest, direct and deeply personal, Stay is a show that is sure to stay with you after you leave the theatre.

Stay is playing until Saturday 22 September at the 2018 Brisbane Festival's Theatre Republic.


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