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School of Rock cast jumping on stage

Stretch and warm up your neck muscles because School of Rock will make you want to head bang with Australia’s finest young rock talent! School of Rock is the rebel child in all of us, and the courageous adult in all of our children.

Fresh from a season in Melbourne and a national tour in China, the rock musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber opened in Brisbane at the weekend for a five-week season.

Based on the movie made famous by Jack Black, School of Rock is about Dewy Finn (Brent Hill) − a wannabe rock star who never got his musical break. To earn a few quick bucks, he tricks his way into a substitute teaching job that was meant for his best mate and flatmate, Ned Schneebly (John O’Hara). His success at teaching is not unlike his success as a rock star, that is until he discovers his class has musical talent. Though the students are classically trained, he teaches them how to be the rock band he always wanted to be a part of, and they go on to qualify for the Battle of the Bands.

This family-friendly rock musical is even better than the movie! With 14 new songs and a few tweaks to the storyline, the movie-turned-musical is a perfect production.

Hill’s amazing vocal range and power will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. The school kids, aged between 9 and 13 years, are split into alternating casts. Each perfectly cast child brings something special to the show: an exceptional drummer, a girl comedian, a kickin’ keyboardist, a base player with rock attitude, a mini Beyonce, a riffin’ guitarist, several girls who can do some fancy synchronised headbanging twirls with their pigtails, and the list goes on. This one is inspiring for children and adults alike.

Stick it to the man while you can because School of Rock is only showing at QPAC until 18 August 2019.


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