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Sam Taunton head shot

In the current generation of stand ups where the large majority of comedians incorporate a multitude of tools to enhance their comedy act, Sam Taunton is refreshing, and his pace perfect.

Taunton does everything the right way in his new show Rooster : he uses video and slides in his act but doesn’t lean on them to be funny. This is because Taunton was born with funny bones and he doesn’t need help from anyone or anything to be the top-rated comedian that he is. Although he’s previously received backhanded comments from Scotland’s national newspaper for being non-political, Taunton proves in Rooster that the only thing you need to do to make a comedy show successful is to be funny. In fact, Taunton’s middle name should be ‘Funny’.

Using a fast-food theme to underpin his latest show, Taunton observes the measures Gold Coast fish and chip shops take to safeguard their chicken-salt shakers, confesses his opportunistic tendencies to get free fries at McDonalds, and does a great recall joke that involves a hit and run accident with a Nowrie chicken shop.

In Rooster, Taunton points out several times that his show doesn’t have a point to it but he’s just being humble because people don’t watch stand-up comedy to understand a point; they go to laugh, forget about their stresses, and have a good time. Taunton is so humble that he verbally hoped no one would review the opening night of his run at the Brisbane Comedy Festival. However, I can’t imagine why he would wish that because the entire room was laughing hard tonight. Sorry to go against your wishes, Sam, but I had to write this one; it’s my job.

Sam Taunton is performing his show Rooster during the Brisbane Comedy Festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse until Sunday, 1 March 2020.


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