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Sam Bowden in a state.

Comedian Sam Bowden’s one man show, The Epicurean Shark, at the Wonderland Festival 2018 is a must-see!

In his 60-minute show, Bowden explores why humans and animals love doing things that are harmful. Like the uncle everyone adores, his charisma and charm make you want to hang on to every word as he compares his own stories to the animal kingdom. This is a storyteller at his best!

The Epicurean Shark is a self-reflection of why Bowden has made some of his life choices. Retelling his crazy, substance-induced adventures in Scotland, his endearingly cheeky smile softens any audience prejudice about young people and party enhancers. With a goal to feel on top of the world, a price would have to be paid. His quest to find a ‘happy medium’, however, is rewarded at the end; because for any good tale, there’s always a good moral to the story.

Bowden puts on a faultless and engaging performance in The Epicurean Shark. When someone is this good, one hour is not enough. Please Netflix, make a Sam Bowden special!

You can catch Sam Bowden’s show until Sunday, 2 December 2018 at the Brisbane Powerhouse.


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