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Aswin Segkar in Rasa

The premier of Rasa at the Brisbane Powerhouse’s Wonderland Festival has got us raving!

Many who follow the Brisbane comedy scene would be familiar with stand-up comedian and ABC Radio presenter Ashwin Segkar. In his new one-man show, Segkar imparts his comic genius, flaunting an artistic side with South Asian undertones.

Drawing upon his ethnic origin, Segkar takes the audience on a hilarious journey through the emotions identified by ancient Indian gurus as being at the heart of human life. Written on glittery title cards, the emotions - fury, mirth, disgust, jealousy, wonder, and more - inspire each scene of the show. Each emotion is an entertaining mash up of stand up, sketch, banter with the audience, puppetry, and there’s even a reverse strip tease thrown in for good measure!

You know a comedian is on fire when several audience members openly flirt with their heckling, which was the case from various areas of the room last night. It turns out Segkar has it all: funny lines, creativity, intelligence, humility, and huge audience appeal.

Rasa is a necessary inclusion for any performing arts’ festival and it definitely needs to tour the comedy festivals’ circuit next year!

Rasa finishes on Sunday, 1 December 2019.


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