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Matt Tarrant doing a card trick

For the past five years, award-winning mentalist and magician, Matt Tarrant, has been performing sell-out shows at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Last night, for the first time at the 2018 Wonderland Festival, Brisbane got to experience why so many people flock to see him.

Tarrant’s one-hour show, Honestly Dishonest, is a refreshing and honest insight into how difficult it is for magicians, illusionists, and mentalists to fool audiences in this technological era. To prove his point, Tarrant even disclosed how to learn his signature card trick — just Google ‘three black, three red card trick’. With humility and grace, he also proves it’s not the knowledge of how to do a trick, but the skill behind it that makes it so magical.

Everything Tarrant does in his show is amazing and effortless! His mind-blowing mentalism skills left everyone in disbelief; particularly his little black box trick, which involved six audience members yelling out numbers.

How did those numbers get in that box? How can that be real? It was obvious the audience members were not set up, so how…? These were the questions on everyone’s lips after the show and probably will be for some time.

Some questions just can’t be answered and that’s the real magic.

You can watch Matt Tarrant's magic at the Brisbane Powerhouse until Sunday, 2 Decmeber 2018.


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