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Are you a Penn and Teller fan? Do you watch magic and illusions on television and try to work out how to do the magic trick? If so, make sure you check out Maho Magic Bar at Brisbane Festival; it is an astonishing experience not to be missed!

The pop-up Japanese-themed bar is more than a regular sake-serving bar; it’s all about the close-up magic with four extraordinary magicians and one MC. You will either sit at the bar or at a table in the middle of the room. And waiting for you to take your seat is your own personal magician from Japan. It's an intimate experience that feels personalised and exclusive; just you, your friends, the magician, and maybe a couple of random people next to you. The magic tricks that unfold before your unbelieving eyes are so close, you can touch the props, which include cards, balloons, fruit, lighters, soft toys, and more.

Just when you think you’ve built a solid relationship with the magician in front of you, they move to a different part of the bar, and you get a new magician − kind of like musical chairs. Each magician has their own unique character and style, and they never do the same trick twice in one show. This means you could come back to watch the show four times and you’ll see new magic each time! I certainly would have no hesitation in returning.

While a magic bar may not be uncommon in Japan, it is definitely a unique night out in Australia.

Maho Magic Bar is at Twilight Electric, Hamilton for the duration of the 2022 Brisbane Festival until September 25 and family-friendly sessions are also available.


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