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Fire breather

Limbo Unhinged is circus like you’ve never seen before. It’s circus on the edge, and it’s showing at the Spiegeltent at the Gold Coast. Limbo Unhinged is the sequel to Strut and Fret’s highly successful show, Limbo.

Like any sequel to a hugely entertaining and successful show, the anticipation and expectations are high. When some familiar faces come onto the stage, you’d be forgiven for thinking the show is probably just an iteration of Limbo. But it’s so much more than that. Even sword swallowing beauty, Heather Holliday, introduces new elements into her act. And the pole swaying act so memorable from Limbo makes an appearance in Limbo Unhinged but with different choreography and artists.

Strut and Fret have developed a formula unique to them. Part of that show formula includes introducing an act never seen before that is so amazing, you wonder how it could even be possible. And for Limbo Unhinged, that act is the roller disco aerial act. The roller skaters are cheeky, 70s’ sexy, strong, and graceful. Oh, the strength to do a very difficult double aerial act while wearing roller skates! Did I mention how strong the artists are?


Each artist presents a multitude of talents: the aerialist sings, the sword swallower breathes fire, the acrobats play music, the tap dancer back flips in the highest of stilettos, and the list goes on. Limbo Unhinged is so good, it’s indescribable. If it could be described in sounds it would be lots of 'ooo's, 'aahhh's, 'whoa's, gasps, and ‘is that for real?!’.


We hope there’s a third series of Limbo. In the meantime, you can watch Limbo Unhinged at The Spiegeltent Gold Coast until May 12.


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