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  • Mandy Plumb


Larry's Odyssey artwork

Borrowing many elements from traditional Greek comedy theatre, Larry’s Odyssey is a completely immersive (and sometimes confronting) experience for the audience. The fourth wall is broken down and the audience become part of the show as participants of Larry’s ‘Voice 101’ workshop and, later, the Greek chorus.

Anyone who has ever had a drama teacher will feel touches of nostalgia for Larry Olive (played by Vashti Hughes), a larger-than-life, has-been, delusional actor and voice coach. Hughes’ character work is outstanding, and as with many big characters, you may find yourself going through cyclic waves of warming to Larry, followed by feelings of grotesque disdain.

On the other hand, the show’s straight character, Michael (played by Matt Abell-King), is a loveable dark horse. Abell-King’s brilliant portrayal of an actor-in-training is so believable, you can’t help but want to see more of him as his acting career progresses (both Abell-King and the character he plays).

Larry’s Odyssey’s layered script writing makes it a show with a difference and a perfect inclusion to any performing arts’ festival.

If you’ve never been to a drama class, Larry’s Odyssey is a parodic taste of what acting workshops are really like. And as with any workshop, the key to enjoyment is participation.

Larry’s Odyssey’s run at the Brisbane Powerhouse ends Sunday, 25 November 2018.


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