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Alex Mizzen

Today’s high expectations of live theatre makes it hard to get a real wow factor from a show. But Invisible Things demonstrates otherwise!

This brilliantly designed show deals with the issues of everyday human struggle, without limiting itself to any specifically defined issue. It is a show about metamorphosis, growth, and knowledge. Alex Mizzen brings together grace, strength, and vulnerability to take us on a journey through her ‘invisible things’ and to question our own hidden secrets, desires and fears.

Staged inside a clear box, it juggles between inside and outside, making the audience part of the transformation the performer goes through. As we observe the performer oblivious to us, we cannot help but get the feeling of being watched — that fine line between the visible and the invisible!

As the dancer grapples with the realisation of a bigger world outside, the desire to break through the barrier and explore reflects our very nature of being human. Is the grass greener on the other side? If she breaks free, what will she choose?

Surprising and exciting, the sixty-minute show makes a strong statement about choices we make every day as humans, the changes and the growth we go through, and our desire for more. Combining contemporary dance and circus, Mizzen brings to life a highly demanding performance, both physically and emotionally. Immersive, gripping and insightful – a must see show!

Presented by Alex Mizzen and Vulcana Women’s Circus, the Invisible Things runs at the Brisbane Powerhouse until 2 December 2018.


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