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  • Mandy Plumb


Infamous is a visual feast of entertainment that leaves the gluttonous more than satisfied. Promising to be unlike any circus seen before, Infamous definitely kept its word.

The extravagant opening number involving the entire cast and crew sets the scene for a spectacular show. The stage blends seamlessly with the audience, creating an electric atmosphere where the audience is literally part of the show. Acrobatics, death defying stunts, and comic naughtiness is ever present. While glamour and sparkle shine bright, costumes and acts change with fluidity; but the one constant is the breath-taking talent.

It’s an edgy circus cabaret full of well-executed surprise ‘desserts’ just for adults. The audience were more than happy to interact with the naughty clowns — a drunk bell boy and a sexy kitty — who left everyone tripping over their own tongues.

The show features a host of artists who are the best of the best in their fields, and includes acts such as the wheel of death, static and flying trapeze, straps, clowning, singer and dancers, slack rope, juggling, and contortion.

Realising he was dealing with a hungry and greedy crowd, the drunk bell boy (clown) asked the audience at the end of the show if they “want more”, to which he responded that we should come back tomorrow. And we might just do that.

Infamous is showing at the Spiegel Big Top at Victoria Park until 18 November 2018.


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