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Goldie the Clown being sprayed with water by his car

This touring circus is everything you expect to see inside a big top, but much, much more — and with a special twist on stereotypes!

Thanks to the award-winning film starring Hugh Jackman, The Greatest Showman has put traditional circuses on everyone’s radar again. Hudsons Circus is that kind of circus — minus the bearded lady. If you’re from the school of thought that traditional means old fashioned and out-dated, then think again; Hudsons Circus is very 2018!

Even before entering the big top, the nostalgic atmosphere made me grin from ear to ear. Once the show started, however, my grin cycled through jaw drops of disbelief, gasps of fear, gritted teeth of suspension, and snort-worthy laughter!

Defying gender stereotypes is one of the things that makes Hudsons stand out from other circuses. Exuding authority with decorum and poise, Ringmistress Jane De Goldi represents the global rise in women in leadership roles. Two of the balletic solo aerial acts — silks and cloud swing — are performed by men who display the grace of swans.

Man on silks

Goldie the Clown is another Hudsons’ choice that makes them stand out from other circuses. Traditionally, clowns have been a comedic side act to distract or warm up the audience. However, Hudsons Circus deliberately feature Goldie the Clown, and it’s easy to see why he performs so many acts. Clearly a celebrity amongst the children, adults were heard and seen to be laughing just as hard, if not more, than the younger viewers at his gags. His anthropomorphic clown car, which has more attitude than Herbie the Love Bug, served as the perfect prop for perfectly-timed slapstick humour.

Trained horses standing on each other's backs

Trained domesticated animals including horses, camels, llamas, water buffalo, and a macaw, were a delight to watch. But each of the world class acts were truly amazing. Hudsons really know how to take circus acts to the next level, like the hula hooper with a 4+ metre hoop; the contortionist who does archery with her feet; the flying trapeze troupe who make you want to use match sticks for your eyes so you don’t blink, and the motor cyclists in the globe cage. Every single act will leave you feeling amazed and in awe.

If you haven’t been to see the circus for a while, do yourself a favour and take yourself to see Hudsons Circus before they leave town on October 14.

Motor cycle globe cage


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