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Highway of Lost Hearts - Mot sitting with her dog

Minola Theatre’s Highway of Lost Hearts is Australian feminist theatre at its finest! Its short season opened at the Anywhere Festival this week to a sold-out audience at the Seven Hills Hub.

Written by playwright Mary Anne Butler, the one-woman play is the story of Mot, who drives 4,500kms through the outback with only her dog by her side, searching for the heart that seems to have disappeared from her chest.

Mot, played by Bianca Butler Reynolds, travels through the broken-hearted landscape of central Australia, and meets a suite of characters both cruel and kind, all in search of their own missing pieces.

Transitioning through numerous characters, Reynolds puts on a superb performance of Mot’s journey. Combined with the poetry of the lighting and music, the engaging acting is so believable you can’t help but feel the same emotions of this brave character.

It’s refreshing to see a play about a strong, independent Australian woman. We are grateful for Minola Theatre and Director Kat Dekker for bringing exceptional theatre at an affordable price to Brisbane.

Highway of Lost Hearts is one of many shows that can be seen at the Anywhere Festival and the play closes on May 18.


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