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Harley Breen

If someone can make an entire audience laugh until tears roll down their faces, then comedy is what they were born to do. Such is the gift of Harley Breen, proven in his new show ‘Flat Out Doing Nothing’.

Breen’s a smart guy—he realised what’s important and acted on it. After being a breakfast show host on Southern Cross Austereo’s Sydney radio station 2Day FM last year, Breen walked away from it all to spend more time with family and do the kind of work he loves to do most (stand-up comedy).

When he talks about everyday matters, it’s hard to imagine life ever being mundane for Breen. And boy, can he tell a story! Finding a lump on his genitals, love, fatherhood, and sharing a bed with a baby while maintaining bedroom activities, are just some of the hilariously crude Aussie storytelling in ‘Flat Out Doing Nothing’.

Recommended for anyone in need of a good belly laugh, Breen combines comical physicality with perfect timing and relatable material for an exceptionally entertaining show. Catch him while you can this week at the 2018 Brisbane Comedy Festival.


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