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Glampire Masquerade by Folly Games

Glampire Masquerade is a glamorous, fun and interactive show where the spectators are a part of the action.

This innovative production by Folly Games combines acting, singing, dancing, circus and a live band with audience members making up an extended cast.

On arrival you are given an envelope which includes your character name, traits and whether you are a ‘drab’ or ‘thrill’. This all informs how you vote in the rituals which are part of the show. As you meet other characters you may need to fulfil a set task or simply try and help or derail the Glampires. The experience is a non-threatening way for the audience to be involved through mingling and voting.

In between these voting ‘rituals’ there are numerous acts. The three main actors Glossferatu, Dragula and Al Fur are entertaining and humorous. MC narrates with flair as she tricks on a trapeze. Flairica is a stand out supporting cast member. They are accompanied by a live band The Rolling Bones with original composition by the Glampires and Eleanor Brimblecombe.

Directors Tim Monley and Gianni Tills also the writer, have accomplished an imaginative and complex concept. This is a show which takes you out of your seat and invites you to be a part of the story.

Glampire Masquerade is a part of the annual Brisbane Anywhere Theatre Festival and is performed at the uber cool West End Market so you can grab a bite to eat before or after the show. Catch the last show Sat 12th May at 6.30pm 56 Russell St West End.


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