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This production wreaks of authenticity and soul! Set during the Great Depression at a guest house in Minnesota, various travellers cross paths in Girl From the North Country. Writer/Director Conor McPherson depicts a story of their lives, their struggles and ultimately how they come together and uplift each other during this moment in time.

Bob Dylan songs are beautifully interwoven throughout with heartfelt performances and glorious harmonies against a backdrop featuring stark landscapes.

The cast breathe vulnerable and layered performances, which are truly touching. Peter Kowitz is perfect as the gruff but endearing Nick Laine. Helen Dallimore and Chemon Theys shine in their dramatic roles and songs. James Smith, Elijah Williams and Greg Stone give sensitive and poignant performances and Terence Crawford narrates beautifully.

Peter Carroll and Grant Piro add touches of brevity and Blake Ericsson explodes with powerful vocals. Christina O’Neill is a stunning songstress whose velvety vocals are a delight. Lisa McCune gives an outstanding performance in her acting and vocals as Elizabeth Laine—who is in one moment hilarious and in another heartbreaking—tying the whole production together.

They are accompanied expertly by The Guilty Undertakers musicians on acoustic and slide guitar, double bass and mandolin, and violin.

Girl From the North Country has been an international hit and it’s easy to see why. Treat yourself to this wonderful experience playing at QPAC Lyric Theatre until 18 September 2022.


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