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Cassie Workman

This is a story of a six-year-old girl, kidnapped by a troll, locked up, and told she is sick. Now only the power of a giant can save her.

Using a childhood fairy tale to communicate serious and difficult messages, Cassie Workman’s Giantess is an example of masterful storytelling.

Successfully pulling together all the loose ends to complete the jigsaw puzzle she started out with, she draws the audience into a topic that many would find uncomfortable. The show flies by!

Workman’s performance is warm and effortless, and her journey endearing and relatable. Even though we’re not all transgender, everyone battles with identity challenges at some point in their life. After all, don’t we all have a troll inside, stopping us from being who we want to be?

Giantess is showing at the Brisbane Powerhouse during the Melt: Festival of Queer Arts and Culture until Saturday, July 6.


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