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  • Helen Gramotnev


Elixir cast member on cyr wheel

Elixir takes you on a journey of comedy and circus, all told through the story of a science experiment (yes, you guessed it – drinking the right elixir can make you do amazing acrobatics!).

As the three performers embark on their mission, their superb mix of clowning and acrobatics keeps the audience laughing all the way through. This is not a show where you wait quietly for the trick to finish and then applaud the success. Instead, Cal Harris, Thomas Gorham, and Rowan Thomas keep you laughing during their tricks. Ladders, cyr wheel, trapeze, seesaws – these Melbourne-based acrobats effortlessly move from one act to the next. Think Magic Mike meets slapstick comedy!

The story comes back full circle, giving the satisfaction one would get from watching a great stand up. As the boys tie up any loose ends and approach the finale, the audience becomes a living part of the show – challenging and even interrupting the performers. Flipping the tables like this serves as a testament to the connection built between the performers and the audience. A crowning success!


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