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Daniel Sloss

Don’t let the ethereal aesthetics fool you; wickedly funny comedian Daniel Sloss is no angel.

Aware that he’s no saint, Sloss asks the audience in his new show ‘Now’ to decide if he is a sociopath. It’s easy to see why this question plays on his mind — he passed his grandmother’s ‘sociopath test’ with flying colours when he was nine (and he was the only family member to do so), his favourite show is First Dates because he takes great pleasure from watching clueless romance hopefuls crash and burn, and a couple of years ago he did a whole comedy show about the death of his sister, who had cerebral palsy.

Daniel Sloss is comedy gold. With physically animated stories and punchlines that take you by surprise, Sloss’ style is thoroughly entertaining and will have you laughing about things you’ve not previously found humorous.

Starting at the age of 17, award-winning Sloss has had a 10-year career that many comedians dream of. He’s performed numerous sell-out Edinburgh Festivals, travels the world doing solo shows, and keeps getting invited to appear on USA television show Conan.

After watching his show at the Brisbane Comedy Festival, it’s difficult to conclude whether Daniel Sloss is a sociopath, but he is definitely a true showman who relishes in schadenfreude.

Daniel Sloss is performing in his show 'Now' at the 2018 Brisbane Comedy Festival until Sunday, March 11.


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