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Cluedo! The Interactive Game cast of 2018 sitting around a dining table with the murder victim's face scratched out in the photo

Oh, the glitz and glamour of being invited to Dr Black’s house party, infamous for hosting wild parties at his stylish mansion!

The party, known as Cluedo! The Interactive Game, is in its fourth Brisbane season. Opening night of the 2019 season buzzed with excitement as over 100 guests, many of whom were dressed for the 1930s formal occasion, filled Dr Black’s mansion (Baedeker Wine Bar in Fortitude Valley).

Bubbles were poured, characters subtly introduced themselves to guests, and guests were laughing and dancing to the sounds of the live jazz band. The most exciting part of the unique night at the theatre is the absence of a fourth wall where the guests are the play.

During the first hour of the evening, scenes were finely orchestrated in each room. The charming butler quietly hinted to awry guests in which room they might find the latest action – inevitably an argument or some sort of tension between two Cluedo characters.

Clues were dropped everywhere for what we knew was about to happen: Dr Black was murdered during the party, and as his guests, the audience needed to work out which Cluedo character killed him, in which room it occurred, the weapon, and the motive (for my name’s sake I secretly hoped it was Professor Plum).

The interactive show was very close to being a polished performance. Most of the cast delivered a performance worthy of winning an award – with the actors who play Miss Peacock, Professor Plum, the inspector, Reverend Green, and Lady Silver (from the band) showcasing exceptional talent. The only oversight was Dr Black’s costume – it looked like the actor had come straight from his day job without going to wardrobe, which quite possibly could have been the case.

Aside from Mr Black’s wardrobe oversight, Cluedo! The Interactive Game is superbly directed and is a show worth attending. It’s a hugely fun night out with friends, work colleagues, or a partner.

So, who killed Dr Black? Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett, Reverend Green, Colonel Mustard, Miss Peacock, or Mrs White? Well I could tell you, but then it wouldn’t be a mystery.

Cluedo! The Interactive Game by Brisbane Immersive Ensemble plays out in Fortitude Valley’s heritage gem Baedeker Wine Bar with performances until 25 May 2019.


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