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CAPTURED Dance for Screen Take Two is four diverse dance films, which was shown as part of the 2019 Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance. From beach to basement, rooftop to mountain top, all works were filmed in striking environments enabled by this art form.

Gogi the film by the Gogi Dance Collective (Australia) is a mesmerising work with inspiration taken from the movement of waves and water to convey themes of female individuality and group strength. The movement on the beach and ocean by three female dancers, directed by Viviane Frehner is enhanced by the music and cinematography to produce a beautiful, dream-like experience.

BRUTE (image at top), choreographed by Cass Mortimer Eipper (Sydney Dance Company) and performed by the Queensland Ballet dancers, explores the notion of suppression and control of our wild, innate senses. The Spring Hill reservoir provides a grey, dank backdrop where few rebel against the utilitarian movement. Accompanied by a powerful musical score and innovative camera work, BRUTE is an exciting dance film.

Chest is an intense and compelling work by director/choreographer Nonne Mai Svalholm (Denmark). Through repetitive and simple movement set to a luscious score, complex emotional states are explored by the two dancers Mohamed Zizo and Nerman Habib (Egypt).

Tribal, epic, meditative The Ferryman directed by Gilles Delmas (France) and choreographed/performed by Damien Jalet depicts a seven-stage spiritual journey juxtaposing tribal rituals with contemporary dance. Set against the spectacular mountain scenery of Bali, Japan, Scotland and Paris, the central man-deer character makes his way to possible enlightenment. A truly unique viewing experience.

A huge thanks to the curators of CAPTURED for bringing these amazing dance films to the 2019 Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance.


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