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Well, maybe you don’t know Cameron James, per se, but you probably have a friend like him. Anyone who has turned 30 will relate to Cameron’s funny observations and stories. From partying to growing up and suddenly having to be ‘responsible’, we’ve all got someone in our social circle like him (although most of us are probably versions of him).

Even before Cameron opens his mouth, you know you are in for a good show. He looks so comfortable on stage and his presence energises the room. Delivering solid, clean material with great lead-ups for laugh-til-your-cheeks-hurt punchlines, Cameron’s personal anecdotes keep the audience hanging onto every word.

Cameron’s show, Chilled Out/Fired Up, is perfect for taking your mum or dad. There is nothing cringe-worthy in this one; just good, old-fashion comedy.

It’s easy to understand why so many other comedians say Cameron James is ‘one of their favourites’ because after seeing his show this week at the Brisbane Powerhouse, he might just be a new favourite of Brisbane Stage.

You can see Cameron James at the 2018 Brisbane Comedy Festival until March 4.

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