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Brisburned@Work cast

If you watched television in the late 80s in 90s, you might remember a comedy genre called sketch, which was popularised in Australia by shows like Fast Forward, Full Frontal, and The Comedy Company. Local comedy group, Brisburned, brought their sketches to the Brisbane Comedy Festival for the second year in a row and they are much more entertaining than watching a television sketch show!

Their new show, Brisburned@Work, cleverly ‘burns’ all aspects of working life in Brisbane. Setting the tone, two HR professionals give the lay of the land with comments about all men wearing checked shirts, Williams boots, and “not having a hope in hell of making friends if you didn’t go to school here”.

The talented cast of five - Mark Lombard, James Tinniswood, Mike Griffin, Laura Sullivan and Liz Tuckett – play a plethora of characters in different comedic scenarios but all come together in the HR office to talk about a huge crisis on their hands – an impending tropical storm. The panic of leaving windows open, the traffic crises when water gets on the road, and God forbid having washing on the line; the scenario resonated with the audience so much they almost laughed the roof off.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a burn about Brisbane if public transport didn’t make it into the sketches. The audience roared with laughter at the truth in public transport situations (we’ve all had colourful characters try to hit on us, and we’ve all had awkward reunions with frenemies on public transport).

Brisburned@Work is a delightful twist on observational comedy. You can catch it at the Brisbane Comedy Festival’s Rooftop Terrace, Brisbane Powerhouse every Saturday afternoon until the end of the festival.


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