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Big Fork Theatre cast acting as ninjas

Big Fork Theatre have done it again! The winners of Anywhere Theatre Festival 2017 and 2018 have brought yet another successful show to this year’s Brisbane Comedy Festival. Their American style of scenic comedy improvisation ensures that every performance is unique, fresh and funny.

Around the Campfire, directed by co-founder Chris Martin, is a show of campfire stories told by individual ensemble members and then acted out on the spot by the entire troupe. Hilarity ensues! Our session included dogs auditioning for Hollywood, toilet trolls, cinema ninjas, super hero deep fried man, and a ball where friends weren’t invited.

Scene with friends

The result? A family-friendly show with something for everyone. Imaginations run wild with unexpected and unorthodox plot lines, which are thoroughly entertaining.

Check out to see when their next show is on. They also run improv courses for beginners through to advanced practitioners. Well worth a look!


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