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  • Melina Charles


Girl being swallowed up by couch

Since 1995, Vulcana Circus have entertained and empowered Brisbane audiences and beyond with their unique style of community circus. Showing at the Anywhere Festival, As If No One is Watching was developed with mature women’s dance collective WaW, digital design company Digitalmakers, and Vulcana.

Audience participation is taken to a new level where you can hear the voice of the performers via your mobile phone. This innovation allows private thoughts to be shared intimately and adds another layer to the performance.

The iconic Newstead House is the setting of a return season of As If No One is Watching A live art installation with acting, physical theatre, dance, and circus skills, As If No One is Watching matches the performer to their voice via an app on their phone. This gives the audience flexibility in choosing the order of performers, their personal sound scape and how long they watch for, creating a unique experience for all who attend. The cast of women of all ages tell their personal stories ranging from thoughts on body image, to motherhood, safety at night, and dealing with challenges in their lives.

As If No One is Watching is both innovative, touching and uplifting. It is showing at Newstead House until Sunday, May 19.


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