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I’m a huge fan of Lindsay’s observational-style, quick wit, high energy, and clever audience banter. I really like his work. I like him a lot. So, naturally, I had certain expectations when I went to see his show ‘World’s Greatest Exaggerator’ at the Bris Funny Fest.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Lindsay perform but I was quickly reminded that he really is the best at audience interaction and warming the crowd. Lindsay had the entire audience crying with laughter in the first five minutes. However, the pace toned down a few notches when he got into the body of the show. It was a little different to what I had expected, but not in a bad way; in fact, it was a nice change in tone. Listening to his real-life stories was a privilege, and the way he told them showed how much his style has matured over the years.

Like a conductor controlling the tempo with his orchestra, Lindsay controlled the audience beautifully with his storytelling interjected with audience chit-chat at the most appropriate times. He truly is a master of his art.

Hecklers be warned: you will not survive his genius comebacks and shoot downs. Sure, you can try to out-funny Lindsay Webb, but do it at your own peril (and the outcome will be to the audience’s delight).

The 2017 Bris Funny Fest runs from August 2—20, 2017.


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