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  • Mandy Plumb


This is the freshest theatrical production that’s hit Brisbane in a long time!

The Good Room, in collaboration with The Little Red Company, have created a show that brings the dog park to the stage, turning ideologies of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ people have dogs inside out.

It’s Netflix’s ‘Dogs’ meets Ted Talks in an autobiographical montage of dog owners and their ‘tails’ about the bond they have with their fur babies. Let’s Be Friends Furever is thoughtful, poignant, joyful, and a deep dive into why dogs make our lives better.

The producers are equally as clever with their choices about the people (and dog/s) chosen to appear on stage or screen as the order in which they appear. Former Special Forces Commando Steve Moharic and his dog, Guge, immediately grab your attention in the opening because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to learn about the life of a special forces’ working dog?

And all the talent—on stage, on screen, on four legs, on two legs—are remarkable. These are real people and dogs with real stories and all different walks of life are considerately represented. There are an array of furry friends, including the well-trained dogs to the ones that pee on the piano leg in front of a live audience.

This 90-minute show takes you on a journey of the full range of emotions, enhanced by the exceptional sound and lighting design.

Ultimately, Let’s Be Friends Furever is a show about unconditional love; but like all relationships, nothing lasts ‘furever’. And at the point in the show where this is highlighted, it gets a bit ‘ruff’, so don’t forget the tissues—especially if you have experienced the pain of saying goodbye to a four-legged friend.

There is a symbolic juxtaposition—the people chosen to share their stories against the underlying theme that dogs accept us for who we are—and it is a healthy reminder that perhaps we should all adopt a dog-like nature and never judge each other.

Do yourself a favour and get tickets to this Brisbane Festival highlight. You won't be disappointed.

Let’s Be Friends Furever is showing at the Brisbane Powerhouse during the Brisbane Festival until 25 September 2021.


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