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Brisbane Music Festival’s Enoch Arden is a journey through time, loss, and personal growth. With music by Richard Strauss to an 1864 epic poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, this contemporary production is the result of a collaboration between the Victorian Theatre Company and Brisbane Music Festival.

Alfred Lord Tennyson’s classic epic poem is read masterfully by Matthew Connell (The Boy Castaways, Neighbours, Ecco Homo) who captures the listeners with a vibrant and engaging rendition. The story follows the life of a fisherman turned sailor who suffers a shipwreck and is trying to find his way home after a ten-year absence. Upon his return, he finds his wife remarried with a new child, and his children grown up. Unwilling to spoil their newfound happiness, he never lets his return known to them.

The haunting score by Strauss comes alive under Alex Raineri’s fingers, breathing life into the music and connecting us to the narrative. Strauss’ 1897 melodrama identifies the poem’s characters by individual motifs, subtly emphasising Tennyson’s words and helping the listeners fully picture the emotions of the characters.

The visual tapestry by Jak Scanlon brings yet another dimension, connecting the words, the music, and the imagery together into a fresh and contemporary digital performance. A rarely seen work, it is a must for literature and music lovers alike.

This digital event is a true testament to how far the performance industry has evolved despite the recent challenges to the performing arts. You can see, hear, and experience this versatile and modern production this Wednesday 31st March 7-8:15pm, and Thursday 1st April 7-8:15pm.

Tickets for Enoch Arden can be purchased via the Brisbane Music Festival website.


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