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  • Janette McBride


An Asian and an Aboriginal walk into a bar and delight a sold out audience in Bris Funny Fest’s Token Ethnics. Not caring about upholding political correctness, stand-up comedians, Ting Lim and Stephanie Tisdell, are witty and brutally honest about the way they tell it like it is to be outsiders. Ting, originally from Singapore, confesses she’s as Asian as sushi in Coles, yet hilariously recounts stories of how she lives out almost every Asian stereotype including being a bad driver, achieving academic excellence, and even getting Distinctions in personal problems. Stephanie Tisdell is more seasoned of the two comedians, offering witty and bold insights into how most people view Aboriginals. She shares experiences about being viewed as a “good Aboriginal” by people who have probably never met a “real” Aboriginal before. Stephanie engages the audience with her clever rap about Indigenous history and encourages them to sing along to the hilarious chorus: “You’re one of the good ones | I’m not racist | I knew an Abo once.” Ting and Stephanie’s laugh-out-loud observations remind us that maybe we really don’t have any idea what it’s like to be a token ethnic. The 2017 Bris Funny Fest runs from August 2—20, 2017.


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