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  • Mandy Plumb


Director Celia White stretches the imagination with Dadaism-like fervour at the Wonderland Festival 2017. Featuring a cast of three circus-theatre performers, Monsteria is a new feminist production presented by GUSH and Vulcana Women’s Circus.

Metamorphosing out of cocoon-like sacks, appendages take on structured form to the sound of a mesmerising track. Layers of art unfold and contort as body parts show their own personalities without unveiling the identity of their owners.

Breath-holding acts — like the rope walk in high heels and the aerial hoop dance — blend superb circus skills with theatrical exploration. Attire is cleverly rediscovered over and over again, finding new purpose with each wear.

Each scene smoothly segues into the next, while challenging the audience to view that which is in front of them with a wider lens. All the while the mystery of identities remain; that is, until the very end — when all is revealed.

Monsteria is a captivating production for avid lovers of performance art. Watch it at The Wonderland Festival 2017, which runs until December 3 at the Brisbane Powerhouse.


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