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Brisbane Stage review: Brisbane Powerhouse Knockoff

On Friday, November 10, Brisbane Powerhouse’s Knockoff audience got was promised to them — lots of free laughs.

With seven local Brisbane comedians presenting seven very different styles of stand up, regular patrons felt they’d been given a bonus (Knockoff usually feature between four—six comedians).

MC Jacob Lingard’s calm demeanour and relatable anecdotes helped dissipate any work stress one may have felt from a hectic week. His maturity in this profession is evident from his ability to make silence work to his advantage; where many comedians become noticeably anxious with a quiet audience, Jacob shines.

Chris Martin took to the stage for the first set, warming the crowd with short, punchy lines and contagious exuberance. Chris’ hilarious view on the Australian census provided an insight into how this talented comedian’s mind has a unique crowd-pleasing ability to find the funny in everything. The only disappointment was that he was restricted to such a short set, because it would have been just as

satisfying (if not more) to listen to his original material for the entire hour.

Other comedians worth noting were Jennifer Burke and MJ Wong — who have previously been mentioned by Brisbane Stage — as well as man-bun comedian Andrew Lee with his irreverent jokes about breaking gender role stereotypes.

If you are looking for a way to unwind after a stressful work week, head over to the Brisbane Powerhouse for free comedy next Friday, which is the last Knockoff for the year.

Knockoff is at the Brisbane Powerhouse’s Turbine Platform every Friday from 6—7pm until 17 November 2017.


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