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Chris Martin Comedian

Local Brisbane comedian Chris Martin recently stepped out of 10-minute sets and grew into comedy adulthood with his first one-hour show, Claw Machine, at the 2018 Bris Funny Fest.

Entertaining a crowd by yourself for an entire 60 minutes when you’re used to doing a quarter of that time (or less) is daunting, even for the most confident of performers ─ let alone performing the most difficult of genres. Chris, however, took The Milk Factory’s sold-out audience by storm. The comedy hour was an earthquake of seismic laughter activity with a series of fore, main, and aftershocks.

Using an Akubra filled with bits of rumpled up paper, Chris’ claw chose various topics, giving the show an unpredictable edge with an artful flow. His amusing anecdotes about growing up, kitchen antics, and holidaying with his girlfriend had the audience laughing so hard, sometimes it was difficult to hear the punchlines over the roars of laughter.

When watching this endearingly droll comedian, it’s easy to see why Chris Martin was a Raw Comedy state finalist. We hope Chris has now got a taste for one-hour shows because we can’t wait to see what he comes up with for his next one!

Visit Chris Martin’s Facebook page for the latest updates about his gigs.


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