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Queensland Symphony Orchestra kicked off its 75th anniversary with a concert full of familiar faves. From famous ballet pieces to movies tunes, old classics to a new work—it was an evening full of wonderful music that showcased the professionalism and talent of the orchestra, conducted by the fabulous Johannes Fritzsch.

The program included Hungarian March from the Damnation of Faust by Berlioz which featured in their inaugural performance in 1947. Craig Allister Young also introduced—via an extremely humorous interview—his new work Fanfare for the Seventy-Fifth Birthday of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Young is a cellist who has played with QSO for 30 years! He mentioned that he used the phrase ‘QSO 75th’ as inspiration for different rhythmic themes throughout his joyous and triumphant composition.

Other stand-out pieces for me included Prokofiev’s The Montagues and the Capulets from the ballet Romeo and Juliet where the dramatic contrast was superb, selections from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and it was a thrill to hear the Organ Symphony No 3 in C Minor by Saint-Saens accompanied by the Concert Hall organ. Of course everyone loves a bit of John Williams’ Star Wars, which rounded off their diverse program nicely.

It was clear that the members of Queensland Symphony Orchestra were enjoying themselves in the QSO Favourites concert as was evident in their amazing performances and the entertaining introductions which various members gave throughout the night. If you’d like to see anymore from this world-class orchestra they have various concerts coming up throughout the year at QPAC including Dance Around the World, Cinematic, and Superfamous.

Go and help celebrate the 75th birthday of the wonderful Queensland music icon— you won’t be disappointed!


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