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  • Janette McBride


How can two hip hop bears tell a powerful story? Well, One the Bear is a wildly entertaining and über creative tale about culture, identity, and materialism. The non-stop engaging production and its hugely talented performers, Candy Bowers and Nancy Denis, fiercely exhibit thought-provoking rhymes, incredible visual effects, infectious beats, and skilled dancing. The full house was completely engaged, with huge sections of the crowd fully rocking it, bouncing their heads and growling with the best friend bears.

The set comes alive with amazing visual effects, lighting, and use of multimedia. Brilliantly written by Candy Bowers and Busty Beatz to engage and inspire, this production is suitable for all ages. One is a bear who takes us through her journey as a hunted animal commodity who is suckered into the counterfeit world of celebritydom. She continues to be hunted as a famed superstar, pumped up and modified to appear more acceptable in the image of man, which ultimately kills her notions of self, cultural identity, community, and friendship – consequences not unfamiliar to real-life celebrities and never-good-enough posers who are regularly eaten up and spat out by the industry’s insatiable appetite. The show cleverly exposes objectification, oppression, and racism and calls viewers to be real and not let their identities be distorted by the gluttony of the world.

Audiences will undeniably enjoy the creative storytelling and irresistible rhythms of One the Bear showing from 10 – 24 October 2017 at the La Boite Theatre Company. Get your tickets here.

Photos courtesy of La Boite.

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