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The first time I saw Carl Barron perform live was at my university ball. A comedian had never made me laugh as hard as he did; from that moment, he became my favourite comedian in the world.

Fast forward many, many years later, and Carl Barron has planned a tour called Drinking with a Fork. This is the show he is currently doing and I was fortunate enough to see it last night at QPAC’s Lyric theatre.

Carl is 52 years old now, but he’s just as physical as he ever was. In fact, he was more physically energetic in last night’s show than I’ve ever seen him before. Drinking with a Fork’s format was very similar to other shows he’s done, but then, why would you reinvent the wheel when you know it already works well?

Most of the material was fresh and new, with the exception of the material about his mother. For this part of the show, he seemed to be repurposing old gags about his dad. Nonetheless, it still had the audience in stitches.

Carl’s show in Brisbane has proved to be so popular, he’s added more dates to the Brisbane schedule. If you have the opportunity, I recommend you go and see Drinking with a Fork before it leaves for another city.

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