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Two the play

Ensemble Theatre’s production of TWO by Jim Cartwright gives a promising start to the QUT Garden’s Theatre’s 2019 season. Under the direction of Mark Kilmurry, the real-life husband and wife team - Brian Meegan and Kate Raison - give convincing and engaging performances of the 14 roles they play on stage in under 90 minutes.

Lights on. We see a disconnected couple running a bar, whose life appears to be on auto-pilot, day in and day out. As regulars and strangers come in for a drink, we meet a range of people who all have a story to tell. A woman with an abusive husband, stuck in a rut; an old couple with a bizarre Elvis fixation; a womanising drunk; a woman looking for more in her life; a lost boy, and more.

TWO characters

As the characters grapple with their struggles to be heard by those closest to them, we see reflections of our protagonists in those that visit their bar. The randomness of a bar environment serves as a perfect setting for the multitude of perceptions (correct or otherwise) that haunt the husband and wife team. As we discover their unspoken secret, this thought-provoking play comes into focus, leaving the audience contemplating some serious issues.

TWO is currently touring Australia.


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