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Ting Lim doing stand up comedy

Hilarious comedian Ting put herself ‘Out On a Lim’ with her new show at the 2019 Bris Funny Fest and what a great show it was!

Watching Ting’s comedy is like having a drink with your best friend, only funnier. The combination of exceptional storytelling skills with dark humour and deadpan delivery made the one-way, 60-minute conversation feel like only 10 minutes.

In ‘Out On a Lim’, Ting gives her entertaining account on what it’s like to be a broken Singaporean starting afresh in a country where the people think Singapore noodles is the national dish of her home country. Trying to navigate the new lifestyle, Ting did what she had to do to save money and get discounts on furniture (not recommended to try yourself).

Ting Lim. Remember this name because she is fast becoming one of Australia’s hottest comedians. Do yourself a favour and check out Ting’s Facebook page to find out about her upcoming gigs.


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