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  • Helen Gramotnev


Fasten your seatbelts – this show is off the rails! Following their sell out show Elixir at last year’s Wonderland Festival, the fantastic-four of Head First Acrobats brings another laugh-non-stop, edge-of-your-seat, side-splitting show to Brisbane!

Railed is modern, fresh and enjoyable on every level. The gravity defying acrobatics, juggling treats, and heartfelt connection with the audience are seamlessly interspersed with comedic relief, keeping the boys onstage working hard, and the audience laughing even harder.

Chair stacks, diabolo juggling, human pyramids, ladders, seesaw acrobatics mixed with magic tricks, cowboy fun, and even a unicorn! Surprise after surprise, the fast pace and unapologetic humour (leave your kids at home!) make this a definite highlight of the festival.

This troupe has it all: acrobatic stunts to push boundaries, sex appeal, inclusive humour, and amazing teamwork on stage. As the performers compete for the audience’s attention, their impeccable comic timing and warm approach to any awkward situation allows for a truly personal connection with the audience.

And yes, everyone was smiling on exiting the theatre!

Railed is part of the Wonderland Festival and runs until 1 December, alongside another show from Head First Acrobats, Circus-Cision (November 29 & 30).


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