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Jeff Green

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in any field. After 30 years in his field, Jeff Green is beyond expert; he’s a comedy guru!

Green’s new one-hour show, Letters Home, is traditional British humour at its best! More one-man show than your average stand up, Green takes the audience on a 10-year journey of his adaption to Australian life with observations about the culture, and comparisons to British lifestyle. This is all told through 10 letters to his mother still living in England. Well, not all of them are letters. Some of the correspondence includes video, a few emails, and of course snail mail.

As an idea for a comedy show, reading out letters to the audience is a fairly simple concept. However, the way Green layers the stories and then finds a way to recall the jokes at the end is nothing less than comedic genius.

But it’s not just about ideas and concepts. Green’s material is the stuff that makes your cheeks hurt from laughing. Constantly.

If Jeff uses the Letters Home material to write a book, Brisbane Stage would be the first to buy it (autographed please).

Letters Home is on at the Brisbane Comedy Festival 2019 until Sunday, March 3.


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