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Cheeky Moon

Comedy sketch duo Cheeky Moon’s most recent one-hour show, Lickety Split, was oozing with side-splitting goodness.

It was Garfunkel and Oates meets SNL at the Metro Arts Theatre where Claire Coe and Alistair Craig performed to a sold-out crowd on Saturday night. The Cheeky Moon act, two friends who have been performing together for five years, showed their comedy strengths in one of the most unforgiving genres.

Interweaving plots, Coe and Craig’s brilliantly clever comedy writing ensured the audience had the perfect balance between expected jokes and hilarious unpredictability.

The show began with each telling the audience a secret they hadn’t yet told their friend (Coe was quitting the act to trip the light fantastic abroad and Craig was quitting his job to focus on Cheeky Moon). During these moments of disclosure, the audience were made aware of being set up for a mystery pie joke. As expected the pie joke was corny, yet the lead up and delivery was so unpredictable one couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Various characters appeared and reappeared in the 60-minute sketch show, with each act just as funny as the last. Ending with an amazingly clever shower scene, Cheeky Moon’s sketch show really did have it all, including an Oprah-style audience gift (cans of beans stuck under the audience’s seats).

Cheeky Moon will be performing their next sketch show at the 2018 Anywhere Theatre Festival. In the meantime, we recommend you check out their YouTube channel.


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