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Blanc de Blan Encore cast

It’s been three years since Blanc de Blanc graced the Spiegeltent at the Brisbane Festival, and now Strut & Fret have made a sequel, Blanc de Blanc Encore!

Many would say the original show was Strut & Fret’s finest, so one can’t help but be a little dubious about a sequel being just as good or better. If the original was ‘bubbles of fun’, then Blanc de Blanc Encore is the wildest night you can have as an audience (and maybe as a participant, if you’re lucky). Blanc de Blanc Encore is just as lewd, crude, lascivious and maybe even naughtier than its predecessor.

Although the circus burlesque cabaret has a French flavour, the parts move like Swiss clockwork. When it begins, the two Masters of Ceremony would like you to believe the show is a serious affair, except that the wardrobe malfunction is a quick giveaway and also a taste of what is to come i.e. lots of nudity. With amazing vocals, acrobatics, aerial dancing, clowning, beat boxing that includes sound effects from a below-the-waist appendage, burlesque, pole, and more, this show is full of original acts!

Aerial hoop duo

While there are too many acts to describe, two of the crowd favourites include the whole cast burlesque towel dance and the upside-down champagne pourer who offers refills to the audience from a swinging pole above their heads.

The production is halfway through their national tour with a few cast members substituted for the Brisbane Festival. Hand-picked artists from around the world form the cast of this amazing ensemble: New York singer Christina Gatti, Australian dancer Melanie Hawkins, German co-host/acrobat/clown Remi Martin Lenz, a European co-host/pole acrobat, lyra duo Caitlin Tomson-Moylan and Spencer Craig from USA and Canada, The Greatest Showman contortionist Uugantuya Otgonbayar from Mongolia, Canadian aerialist Tuedon Ariri, and American burlesque dancer Skylar Benton.

With superb directing, amazing set design and lighting, and a phenomenal cast, Blanc de Blanc Encore is a must-see for anyone who desires fun with cheeky surprises.

Even though it's an encore we still want more! Strut & Fret, how about a third iteration please?

Blanc de Blanc Encore is showing at the Brisbane Festival until 28 September 2019.


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